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Not waste - but valuable material

Material Refining™
is a process to refine material to other materials and energy. The concept is extended from long time known applications e.g. oil refining and biorefining. Total Material Refining™ means maximizing this refining process so that all input material can be used. This means revolution in waste management, eliminating entirely the need for dumps. It will also mean the opportunity to use any material, not only waste, as input. 

Totally Refined Material is the output from the process.

Economic profitability under ecologic and social goals and restrictions will define, which materials and how much are refined in practice and which outputs and in which ratios are produced.

[Total] Material refinery™ is an industrial site that renders a [Total] Material Refining process.

Cleantech and environmental sectors are today striving  to the paradigm of Total Material Refinery.

Compunication Ltd has developed the concept since 2005, together with the best creative and largest Finnish cleantech companies. Compunication has further developed the vision to viable business models, having stored the IPR in a vault - or actually in the cloud as is the temporary practice. 

Compunication will sell and deliver the concept to individual cities, countries and to large cleantech corporations. Our vision is to establish not only few, but one hundred Total Material Refineries. It is our contribution for making urban areas more beautiful and less polluted, in a viable way.

Compunication provides you all services for your city cleaning and for your Total Material Refinery.

Lasse Laaksonen, CEO, Compunication Ltd.


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