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Eurovisit 2014 - towards Total Material Refinery ™

Not waste - but valuable material

It was a pleasure to make a visit on June 2-4, 2014, with best coming material refinery users, in Europe. We studied Germany, Sweden and Finland.

Naturally, all we could see that the technologies, each on its own, run reliably in all cases. Then all sites proved that (waste)material refinery  is profitable even for private businesses, in bigger and smaller case.

We could also see that partial solutions need large, but just reasonable amount of investment, but anyway one component round 15-20 million Euro. We also learned that all sites need any kind of gate fees to be profitable.

Naturally more components need more investment.

We also learned, from Ireland-Sweden that too high gate fee turns the waste collectors to ship them thousands of kilometers to a site that takes less fee. Then we understand that in Kathmandu case, the waste tax and gate fee must be levied in a reasonable way, in order to motivate garbage collectors to do their job well and carry the waste to the treatment site.

We also learned that the market prices determine, which outputs are reasonable to produce. If electricity is very cheap, it is better to produce gas and sell it to vehicles. Or convert plastic etc. into diesel and other oils. Thus our site needs to be ready for changing demands/ prices of output products .vs. production costs. 

We learned that similar solutions can be made with different scales and with different equipment.

Our solution, BAT BEP, is by definition the BEST. We also consider the costs as to side impacts, investment, easiness to operate and maintain and regular production costs. Thus the selections always need total analysis not just emphasizing on one point. We all have our “darlings” in our set of criteria. We have to take care, though, of the whole picture. We are not agents of any equipment manufacturer so that we always can actually select the best choice. This policy is similar to an accounting company. It must always select the best computers and software and give the results that are good to customers. Nobody should demand that an accounting company must have Microsoft or Apple or invest so and so much as to money. Equipment selection and procurement is the sole discretion of the company. The same is with a taxi company. They can run Mercedes or Toyota, whenever the quality and price is ok.

Our Nepalese friends told us of the increase of population. I can disclose so much of our internal excel calculation that it was made for a city with 1 million people and 500 grams of waste per person per day. Now the amount of people seems to be 2.5 million. Thus our solution is showing to be even more feasible as to the excel. Two years back. But we also heard of a probable 500 ton per day, i.e. 180,000 ton / year, organic even 65%.  Anyway, in Kathmandu, a viable solution is there, and our solution is profitable but not too profitable. We can predict 25-60% profits on the equity note this is on equity, if and only if there are gate fees, waste taxes and soft loans + grant assistance. Naturally, it is the instrument to the politicians to keep the profits reasonable and yet attract investors. In our calculations, the Western gate fees are much higher than the Nepalese.


All of our seen sites confirmed that they are happy to work in our project, whenever their expertise is required. Naturally, we will reconfirm this in papers. I am already collecting their new statements of that. We work in a networked method. It means that we always have many resources available. We do not also use all resources listed in our resource pool. We select them by real needs.

We learned that consortium Compunication has Finnish and Nepalese partners. Compunication has the advance to use the creativity of MM. But when we speak of Big Cases, we definitely do need the Big P (like NN) that can manage any sizes of projects anywhere. Compunication also has other experts like CC Dinos, PP and HH, etc.

As to local matters, the local partner is there. For ensuring the quality as to Finnish project management standards, we will though carefully disseminate them the “big project in short time” practices from Big P and from experienced small companies. Compunication has given project management training in real cases to so many Nepalis and also lectured in Asian Institute of Technology to best managers in the region. Compunication is a cultural expert, knowing Indian, Nepalese and Nordic cultures.

We learned that Big P most often uses its permanent resources. But we know that some companies like FF mostly uses externals. I was an external in FF, when they first sent me to Nepal Telecom. The organisation structure is not the key issue, but the project practice and skills are.

Finns are the best project managers in the World. You can learn it from Kalevala, when they constructed the Sampo, the Finnish Yantra for welfare of all people. Our waste management is just a Sampo. It shall give diverse products, like Sampo did. It shall be beneficial to all, not only for few greedy people. Which other nation tells about engineering in their national epic and describes it in the most modern way, “agile prototyping method”?  That are the Finns. Our projects will always succeed. And Sampo was the first of its kind. Even such projects can Finns perform like: Open Source, mobile phones, Nokia, Linux, MySQL, MariaDB, SMS, Internet chatting – all they are Finnish innovations – and such are the modern waste water treatment Clinux, Tyrannosaurus, the new diesel production and also ways to use wet or dry biomass.

What I will do just now, is to collect the refreshed capacity declarations from our good subcontractors and other network developers. Then I’ll also proceed with the establishment of the JV. For that purpose, my proxy holder will be in Kathmandu today and some weeks more. Then I will see the actual investors, where they invited me. We are ready to proceed.

 I wish everybody happy summer time and good reports!

Lasse Laaksonen, CEO, Compunication Ltd.

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