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FAQ Snow Lotus®

Snow Lotus is a standard architecture for products and services for municipal integrated waste management solution as a Total Material Refinery™ (TMR)
Snow Lotus is a trade mark of Compunication Ltd, submitted to the authorities for being registered
Snow Lotus serves best municipalities with 200,000+ people.


Product and services variations

Snow Lotus is a perfect choice because of

  1. BAT Best Available Technology
  2. BEP Best Environmental Practice
  3. High productivity as to electricity, oil-based fuels and fertilizers*)
  4. Complete list of inputs, functionalities, and outputs
  5. Complete list of responsibilities for the municipality, inhabitants and collaborating actors (like waste collectors)
  6. Complete structure of costs, prices, taxes and tariffs for inputs and outputs
  7. Complete rapid simple project model for implementation
  8. Complete black box architecture to make procurement and operations simple and reliable.

Snow Lotus Factory covers the functions: collecting, recycling, reuse, marketing, delivery (waste and other) materials in the optimal, cost-efficient and profitable way.
Snow Lotus Factory has diverse models
containing certain proprietary components (hardware, software, connections, user interface, user functions, city policies and practices)
Snow Lotus Million is the standard package for a city having round one million inhabitants.
Snow Lotus Million AAA...ZZZ are variations of the Snow Lotus Million.

*) The productivity of the applied distributed electricity production can be even 80% higher than in the compared very new, very modern regular waste-to-electricity site example (in 2014). The analysis was made by an independent Dr. of Technology.

Example, Our proposal for Kathmandu Metropolitan City

Snow Lotus Million KMC,
shall comply with the basic volume and quality statements:
2+ million people
round 500 -1000 tons of municipal solid waste day
distribution of waste (fractions) as studied by Compunication Ltd. in 2012 with the support of Finnish Foreign Ministry
scalable and amendable according to the growth and changes of the city.

Snow Lotus Million KMC

Lasse Laaksonen, CEO, Compunication Ltd.


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